The waitlist will be dissolved annually when enrolments for the forthcoming year open. Applications for enrolment or waitlist will not be accepted for any further ahead than the following school year.

  • For example, if a child is commencing Prep at Ironside in 2022, the application for enrolment will be submitted in Term 3, 2021.
  • There is no benefit of the service having a  long term waitlist as all children who are enrolled at the service or whose families are seeking a place at the service will be given Priority of Access in accordance with the guidelines that have been established by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Families will not be able to book full time positions knowing they will have regular absences. Three absences on the same day (for example, three Tuesdays’ in a row) will require a medical certificate to explain the absence.

Families with any fees outstanding you will not be eligible to enrol until fees are up to date.

When an offer is made for a place in the service for all or part of your requested allocations you have 7 days to confirm acceptance of offer with payment of bond at the same time. Bond is $100 per child and is refunded when you leave the service if fees are up to date.

If an offer is made by IRONSIDE OSHC for all or part of  requested allocations and the offer is not confirmed within 7 days the offer will be withdrawn and the request will  go to the bottom of the waitlist.