Ironside Out of School Hours Care Philosophy

Ironside OSHC is a non-discriminatory service. It is accepting of people of all races, religions, cultures, abilities, impairments, gender and sexual orientation. As such we encourage inclusion and all educators model inclusive behaviour to the children in care. All aspects of the Service are guided by the National Quality Framework and it is at the core of the development of our practices and principles. This statement of philosophy provides the foundation for all activities, policies and procedures for Ironside OSHC.

The Educators of Ironside OSHC aim to provide an environment where children feel safe, secure and have a deep sense of belonging. Ironside OSHC promotes anti bullying behaviours and we encourage an inclusive environment in which all children are confident and engaged in all aspects of the service. They and their families are strongly encouraged to be active participants in the on- going improvement and implementation of programs and projects within the service. We believe each child has the right to be an active member of the community and to express their opinions along with having their views considered regarding decisions that may affect them.

 Each child and family are recognised as being unique and their cultures, ideas and traditions are greatly valued. Through collaboration with families, and in partnership with the school, positive relationships are developed and maintained. This allows ongoing communication and information sharing which leads to joint planning and common objectives so that children are provided with the best opportunities and experiences for their development. Diversity is embraced by our Educators and as such is reflected in our programs, children are treated equitably so that individual needs are met. Ironside OSHC supports the United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child. Its philosophies are upheld in the principles and practices of the Service.

Through play, investigation, art and craft and leisure activities children are encouraged to extend themselves within their comfort zone and to succeed regardless of their abilities. Educators believe all children have abilities and innate curiosity. Our Educators foster these qualities along with children’s independence and initiative thereby nurturing children’s agency and leadership skills.

Children are involved in developing and maintaining practices of sustainability through ongoing discussions and activities. Our aim is to establish goals and practices that will reduce waste, minimise consumption and protect natural habitats. As a service we will encourage children and families to become advocates for a sustainable future.

Our Educators recognise that there is room for their own personal growth and self-improvement and thus reflective practice is on-going. Through this self-evaluation and continual update of professional knowledge Educators remain informed of current theories, philosophies and practices. This encourages the on-going cycle of review which enables current practices to be examined, outcomes reviewed, and new ideas generated. This culminates in a quality program, quality care and a quality service.