Extra – Curricular Activities

If you wish your child to attend one of the Extra Curricular Activities offered at Ironside State School you will need to complete a permission form. Please remember to:

  • Submit your permission form at least a day before the activity is due to commence
  • Update your permission from every term
  • Update your permission form if you have a change of time or day for the activity
  • Make sure you give us the correct start and end times of the activity
  • Remind your child to sign into the service before they attend an activity
  • Only sign your child up to activities that they are capable of managing on their own
  • Swimming should only be arranged for lessons that start after 3.30pm (with the exception of squad)

Before signing your child up for an extra curricular activity please take the time to read our Extra Curricular Activities Policy

Homework Club

We offer a quiet place where children can complete there homework in the afternoon. Due to limited space we will need you to complete a permission form for the days you would like your child to attend. We will remind children that they have been signed up for homework club but can not force them to attend. Please remember to:

  • tell your child they have been signed up for homework club
  • discuss with your child your expectations about how much homework they will complete

Ironside Park Permission Form

Nature Play and Bushcare are part of our regular weekly program. If you would like your child to participate in these activities please complete the permission form.

Summer Vacation Care Excursions

Excursion during the vacation care period are always a fun time for the students. If you would like to book your child into one of them or you are looking for more information on them use the links below.

Summer Vacation Care Swimming Permission

As the summer is very hot we will be running swimming in the middle of the day for the students to cool down doing! One of our Assistant Coordinators has completed a life guarding course so your children will be supervised appropriately in the pool. If you would like your child to participate in this please use the link below to give your child permission for this.