3.8  Extra-curricular Activities Policy

IRONSIDE OSHC recognises that extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for children to engage in enriching extension programs which support their growth and development. Where possible, IRONSIDE OSHC will work with local and wider community groups to support the provision of such activities.

IRONSIDE OSHC understands, from time to time, extra-curricular activities may be provided within or close to the school grounds and that some families may wish to access these for their children who are attending the OSHC program.  It is therefore essential to implement practices which support the needs of children and families without compromising the capacity to provide quality care for all children attending IRONSIDE OSHC.

Relevant Laws and other Provisions

The laws and other provisions affecting this policy include:

  • Education and Care Services National Law Act, 2010 and Regulations 2011
  • Duty of Care
  • National Quality Standard 6.1 Respectful relationships with families are developed and maintained and families are supported in their parenting role; 2.2 Each child is protected
  • Policies: 2.3 – Educator Ratios, 3.11 – Escorting Children, 9.3 – Communication with Families.


Parents/guardians shall be responsible for informing IRONSIDE OSHC of any extra-curricular activities that the child/ren may be involved in whilst enrolled and registered to attend IRONSIDE OSHC. This must be done by completing an online Activities Permission form each term.

Children will not be released to an activity without a current and accurate (including correct start and finish times) permission form received prior to the day of the activity.

Parents are responsible for renewing the form online immediately if changes are made to the child’s timetable.

Ironside OSHC will not accompany children to activities that are not covered by adequate insurance, or to activities that are not on the school grounds.

For their safety, children MUST sign in to IRONSIDE OSHC before going to their activity.

Children are allowed to go directly to the front of the signing in line, explain they have an activity, sign in and then see the Activities Educator who will escort them, or sign them out, to their activity.

If a child does not sign in, or is unable to manage this process IRONSIDE OSHC will review if it is possible to provide the extra-curricular service for the child.


From 2019 no Learn to Swim class children will be escorted to Georgie Parks Swim School until after 3.30pm. Squad swimmers will be signed out by the Swim Activities educator after signing into IRONSIDE OSHC.

Children will be escorted to the pool gate from IRONSIDE OSHC and collected by a Georgie Parks Swim School employee 10 minutes before their lesson to allow for time to get changed. An IRONSIDE OSHC educator will sign each child back into care when they are returned to IRONSIDE OSHC by a GP Swim School employee approximately 15 minutes after the lesson ends, allowing for time to get dry and changed.

Due to Duty of Care and safety of children liability IRONSIDE OSHC Educators are not responsible for assisting children to get changed, or to supervise children inside the pool gates.

If there is no Georgie Parks Swim School employee available to collect and drop off children IRONSIDE OSHC will not provide the extra-curricular service for that session until an employee is available. This may result in being late or missing a lesson.

If a child does not leave the play area when they are called by the Educator and is late to a lesson, or refuses to attend an extra-curricular activity they will not be forced to go but IRONSIDE OSHC will inform the parents or caregivers of their decision.

Suitable negotiations and arrangements shall be made to decide whether or not IRONSIDE OSHC will be able to provide additional assistance to the parent/guardian in having their request met if they are asking for their child/ren to be dropped off or collected from the activity (see policy 3.11 – Escorting Children).

In making an appropriate decision, the Coordinator shall be required to consider:

  • The accessibility and availability of educators to fulfil such functions;
  • Legislative implications for IRONSIDE OSHC such as maintaining ratios;
  • Any financial implications or impacts on IRONSIDE OSHC;
  • Any negative impacts on other children attending IRONSIDE OSHC who are not directly involved in the extra-curricular activity; and
  • Manageability.

The Approved Provider shall maintain the right to make an appropriate decision regarding possible arrangements.

The family shall maintain the right to appeal the decision of the Approved Provider through IRONSIDE OSHC’s grievance procedure.  This should be directed to the Approved Provider following procedures as set out in IRONSIDE OSHC Complaints Handling Policy (see Policy 9.5).